Today, JF leaves for his annual fishing trip with the boys – a.k.a. his work buddies.  I usually don’t mind – after all, I’m gone a lot more than he is – but I’m looking at the calendar for the month to come and I’m just a little bit scared.

Here’s what it looks like:

Him – Fishing for 4 days.  Lots of beer, too much sun, and enough bodily sounds to scare away the butchiest of women. (editor’s note: they only caught 1 fish… and they threw it back it, too small)

Me – 4 days for BlissDom Canada, where I’m a community leader and a speaker.  It should be fantastic, but I know I’ll be exhausted when I come back.

Him – 12 hours after I come back from BlissDom he leaves for a 9 DAY “hunting” trip.  Snicker.  You see, he doesn’t have a licence, he doesn’t have a gun, and he never goes out for walks.  Essentially he’s going on a very, very, long 9-day hike.  Because his buddy doesn’t want to be alone in the woods for 9 WHOLE DAYS.   I can’t wait to hear the stories.

We’re rounding off the month with my trip to San Francisco where I’ll be speaking at BlogHer PRO.  I may take an extra day to visit and tour the city, a la ‘around the world in 80 days’;  I’ll be cramming as much as I can in that one day.

Add in 2 birthdays, thanksgiving, school activities, and somehow I have to find time to meet with clients and get work done.  So not a crazy month at all, right? right???