Feeding the Mind & The Miracle of The Universe

The universe – the whole, wide, thing – has got to be the most beautiful sight you can see.  Satellite images and documentaries leave me in awe at the wonder, beauty, and miracle that is the universe.

It’s no secret my childhood was unique.  Wonderful!  But certainly unique by most standards.  We didn’t have television, we had a pet monkey,   and thunderstorms were enjoyed in front of the picture window – popcorn and wine (for the adults!) in hand.  To this day I still make popcorn and open up a bottle of wine to watch thunderstorms!

I loved these moments as child and enjoy creating similar memories with my kids.  Now that the internet has replaced the Complete Britannica Encyclopedia it’s increasingly easier to share the wonders of the world with the girls.

march 2015 streamteam

With march break 1/2 over and the kids getting antsy I’m planning on watching Deadliest Volcanoes with Jasmine while the little ones nap.  She loves science and I know she’ll enjoy this very much.  And if she doesn’t throw too much attitude around, I’ll add Cosmos – A space time odyssey to her list.  She’s using my parents’ old iPad and likes to relax with Netflix on Saturday mornings.  Y’all know I’m not a fan of most shows that top her list, so if I can avoid arguments over why she can’t watch such & such show by getting her interested in this series… all the better for everyone! 🙂

Are your kids showing interest in science?  Start them with baking – it’s a great way to start exploring reactions between elements!

As a member of the Netflix #Streamteam I have been compensated for this post.  All views & opinions are my own, and clearly I built the universe 😉