Dear Calvin Klein,

I have the utmost respect for your work and your brand, but somewhere along the way you got it wrong.

I recently tried on 5 pairs of pants, including one from the CK brand.  The other four fit perfectly, however the CK two sizes bigger was still too small.

Last summer I tried on a terrific dress, but there was no room for my chest no matter the size.

Yes, a size Large is bigger than a Medium – however that little piece of fabric covering one’s chest?  It also must be WIDER than the size down.  Shocking, I know.

Apparently nothing came between Brooke Shields and her Calvin’s…. I’m guessing it’s cause nothing FIT between her and her pants.

If you want to design Junior clothes for Junior bodies…. that’s fine!  But please stop putting men and women on your ads and making us think these clothes are actually tailored for a grown-ass woman’s body!

ck jeans