Cory McCloskey wants you to know - it's gonna be hot!

Remember when I talked about John Oliver taking opportunity by the balls and running with it?  Yeah.  Well it happened again, only this time it was some weather guy from Fox 10 Phoenix.

As one must with live TV, Cory McCloskey checked his show beforehand but overlooked a few minor details.  Instead of burning under pressure… he kept his cool.

The best lines?  ‘Steel boils at this temperature‘ & ‘Don’t bother going there to loot, everything is gone‘.

Funny as this may all be, I’m calling it here today.  This 1 min 30 sec blooper is now a defining moment in Cory’s career.  Someday – sooner or later – a life-changing opportunity will be given because of this blooper.

Not because he screwed up – cause let’s be honest, someone should have caught this – but because of his quick wit under fire.  This man can think on his feet and it will pay off in dividends long before he retires.

Luck is being ready when opportunity calls.  Lucky for Cory – his show didn’t go up in flames.

Thanks for the laughs Sir, signed myself &  8+ million viewers.  And if you’re looking for a few speaking gigs hit me upI know people.