The inaugural post, the first of the year.  What does one write about?

I could tell you about the cat who’s in heat for the millionth time.   She spied on hubby and me the other night, and now she thinks I’m the cat’s meow (see what I did there? Cat’s meow?  You’re welcome.)

The baby’s walking!  Sort of.  Well, a few steps really, but definitely on her way!

Yes? No?

How about this:  I was at the mall with the 3 year old and the baby tonight.  The mall is closing, and we’re on the bench getting our things ready.  J-F has the car tonight so I’m getting our bags in order to make the cab ride ‘easy’. 

As I’m putting Chloe in her snowsuit Annabelle runs off towards the doors.  I’m not too worried – it’s after nine and there’s only a few people around – but I call her back and she stands there, laughing.  Her eyes dare me to run after her, which I’m doing the second Chloe is bundled up. 

She’s about to hit the button – you know, the one for the handicap door?  “Non Annabelle, on touche pas le bouton!”

I turn to Chloe and pick her up… And that’s when I hear it.  The fire alarm.  And like a kung-fu movie on slo-mo, I look over to where Annabelle is standing – just. under. the red fire alarm pull thing. 

It was her.  I can see it in her eyes, the way her shoulders are hunched over. 


This can’t be happening – oh shit. 

“Annabelle!  Did you pull the red button?!?”

“… yes…..”

Fuck.  Fuckety-fuck-fuck-fuck. 

The alarm is loud – there’s no hiding from it. Plus, I’m sure the cameras have clearly captured my cherubic little angel doing the dirty deed. 

So I grab the kids and run.  Kidding 😉  There were other people there, people who obviously know my kid did this.  Running would be a blessing the wrong thing to do.

“Ok cocotte!  This is where you learn there are consequences!”  Yeah, I’m clearly saying this for the benefit of my audience. 

I have no plan at this point, only 3 security guards running over like the place is on fire

Wait…. They actually THINK the place is on fire.   Fff….

And…. The cavalry shows up.  The fire truck, sirens blaring.  Three firemen and their gear walk in, slow motion like, heroes ready to save the day.

So I kneel down and say the first thing that comes to my mind.  “You know Dad goes to work to help people right?  These men…. That’s what they do to.  Do we need help right now?”  She shakes her head no. 

“Is the red button for people who need help?”  I’m shooting in the dark here – I have no idea if she knows this or not.  She does!  Small victories.

“Are there other people out there how need help right now?”  Another nod.  “Can these nice men help other people when they’re here with us?”  She shakes her head no.

She looks up at them, and her lips move as if she’s saying ‘sorry’.  No one hears her, but the three firemen each stop on their way out and say a little something to her. 

I’m pretty sure she’s never doing this again…. But one can’t take too many chances on faith right?

“We DON’T touch the red button.  Unless you need help.  Capiche?” 

“Capiche, Maman.  I Fhirsty maman!”

A new year, a new series of adventures!