Casey Kasem And the Sounds of My Youth

Casey Kasem was my youth.

Pause-Record-Play “For Miranda in Texas…. This next song’s for you” one… two…. un-pause.

Growing up without a TV – and therefore MTVKasem was my Google.  From about the age of 8 through to graduation he was my weekly provider of celebrity gossip, my favorite artists’ names and the title of their songs.  The “torrents” of my generation were marked by renditions of ‘pause-record-play’ and ‘shit I missed it!‘.  Long distance dedications became the stuff of daydreams, imagining your latest crush’s love letter being read by the one and only Casey.

Many a mix-tape were grabbed from the show.  There were no such things as smooth transitions from one track to the next and what I wouldn’t have given for a device that would let me take out the background noise – or $20 so I could go buy the damn tape myself.

As I sit here tonight feeling wistful for a time long-gone, I feel a little saddened that this small part of my youth can never be relived.

Holy crap on a stick I’m OLD.

Not, like, OLD-old, just… you know…. old.  I’m the age my mom was when I was 14; she was younger than most moms but she was still my mom.  A mom with a teenager.  Hence…. OLD.

Old enough my boobs don’t pass the pencil test and I have a mole-whisker on my cheek.  Old enough I can’t sneeze without wetting myself just a little bit and those ‘natural highlights’ are legions of greys.

… Old enough that an icon of my youth has passed on from something other than an overdose.

Rest in peace Mr. Kasem, and may your loved ones find comfort in knowing you had a great and wondrous life.

Meanwhile, I’m going to fish out the Oil of Olay from under the sink and play ‘pull the skin back on my face’ to remember how I looked when I was young.