Buying a Car - Not Just a Man Thing

After 4 years of blogging – wistfully longing to belong in this amazing tribe – it appears I have arrived.

In January Domestique Manager was included in Capital Parent’s Top Parent Blogs We Love.  I’ve since received several invitations and have enjoyed the privilege  of attending unique local events.

Having never attended a car show I was curious when Ford invited me to the Ottawa International Auto Show.  I have bought 7 cars since first signing on the dotted line for my first ride.  I know what I want in a car, which features are non-negotiable for my comfort and safety, and how much I’m willing to pay.


4-wheel drive vs space

My must-haves? 4-wheel drive, adjustable pedals, decent gas mileage, and room for 3 kids are definite must-haves.  Butt warmers are nice too.

My Ford Escape had all of this minus the room for 3 kids part – or rather, room for 3 car seats and / or booster seat.  Since we can’t tie the kids up on the roof & hubby won’t consider the Ford Flex (he has no intention of driving a hearse, he says) we had to move away from the Ford family before Chloe was born.

So what am I driving now?  The Momobile – the Chrysler Town & Country van.  As far as vans go, this one is pretty sexy;  think Dodge Caravan with sparkles & heels.  It’s still a van though, and I miss my 4-wheel drive.

The Auto Show

After noshing on appetizers and enjoying some great wine the good folks at Ford Canada showed us their new lineup.  Wow.


Sitting in the front seat of the Ford Focus brought back memories of Ikea trips and too many moves.  Seeing the new Escape made me want to take it out for a spin.  And then the pièce de résistance – the Ford Explorer.

Which now seats 7 😀 #colourmeexcited 

Beyond the great features we’ve come to know and love from the Ford family, there’s a few extras that were pretty awesome.  The backup camera has little wipers (how many times have I cleared salt and grime from ours?!?  Too many to count), the gas tank was cap-less, and it had a front-facing camera as well!

The backup cameras on the new @FordCanada lineup have tiny wipers and much more! Click To Tweet

Planning Ahead

I’m sure our insurance company wouldn’t be impressed if I forced our family van to Car Heaven so sadly I must wait till this thing kicks the bucket before upgrading, but I’m excited to test it out.  In July Ann & I are driving to NYC again for #BBNYC & BlogHer’15 and hopefully we’ll be able to test drive the Explorer for this trip.

Our road trips are pretty epic – remember Chicago? So I’m not going to bring the Keurig but an 8 hour drive is much better than a 13 17 hour one.

Are you a Ford Family?  What is the favorite car you’ve ever owned? Do you have any must-have features?  Let’s hear’em!

ford explorer