Betrayed by friends - what you would do?

B-Connected conference is an event I hold dear to my heart.  Seeing friends and colleagues pull together and create an amazing weekend for parent bloggers to connect with brands.  Spending an evening with friends old & new, playing Cards Against Humanity and drinking too much wine.  World-class speakers like Dino Dogan and many others.  Seeing our good buddy Chris conquer the stage as the weekend’s emcee.  A giggle-fest with my favorite travel roommies and way too much hotel coffee.  The opportunity to build new relationships and foster existing ones.

This is what I should be remembering.

Instead … All I can see is YOU.

Remembering You

This weekend was supposed to be amazing.  Even though I went to the WRONG hotel and got stuck looping around protesters.  Even though everyone knows about my faux-pas and trust me, I have yet to hear the end of it ;).

I.  Was.  Excited.  Excited to help you grow.  Excited to help you find easier ways to manage your blogging business.  Excited to be among friends my tribe, my people… You. 

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The Blog Expense Planner arrived at the hotel on Saturday morning and was unboxed at breakfast.  It smelled… new.  A year in the making it was finally here, live, in my hands.  I couldn’t wait to show you.

I started my day with too little sleep, too much caffeine, and determined to make sure everyone got their #usefulswag – The Ultimate Shoebox Blogging Edition.  I wanted to share my new book with you, hoping you’d be just as excited as I was about this revolutionary way of looking at blog expense.

“This is going to change my life!” you said, “I just have to buy one”.

“This is just what I need!  So fantastic”

I admit I was on a bit of a high.  People love my book!  Some actually want to buy it!  And everyone was happy about their #usefulswag.

The Slo-Mo reel

It’s like in the movies.  The memory of when it happened continues to replay in my mind.  Slow motion, blurred backgrounds, macabre music.  I arrive at my booth, laughing still at a joke I no longer remember – and then I see it.  The empty spot where my book was once displayed.  

Frantic, I search around the booth.  I ask my neighbors if they’ve seen it, then run back to my table in the session room.  Maybe I brought it with me and left it there?  


I walk back, defeated, glancing discreetly at tables, chairs, bags… I am stunned.  Flummoxed. My feathers are ruffled and I can’t imagine someone would do this. 

Yet, you did, didn’t you?  You did this.  You took the fruit of my labor, fresh from the press, and decided the $30 price point too rich for your blood.

An announcement was made.  You were given plenty of opportunity to anonymously return what is mine.  Even knowing you stole my door prize wasn’t enough for you to return it.

So what is is that I remember about this weekend?  You.

Your betrayal.

It’s bad enough knowing someone took from you – but when that person is someone you know… it drives the knife deeper.

The Sour Grape

I know – I wasn’t generous enough, right?  But it’s OK – I know you.  Sadly I won’t remember much more from this weekend – but I won’t forget.