Beer Cocktails - the new chickie drink

This post is not sponsored though I’m sure Molson will be pleasantly surprised to see this in their feed.

I first met up with Molson at my very first blogging conference in 2011.  During this inaugural event I was introduced to a new product, and a new concept.  Beer cocktails made with Molson ’67 beer.  Think chickie drink without the calories.

I was hooked!  The drink we had that weekend was the Sour 67 – or, as I prefer to call themFuckBombs in a glass.

 The Sour 67 recipe card

Yes.  It’s that good.

This recipe calls for Molson 67 but I’ve used with many beers and it never disappoints.  Just…. Not the dark beers OK?  Take my word on this one ;).

Another favorite is the Molson Mistletoe – and not just because of name, either.  It’s red (who doesn’t love a red drink?!? Reminiscent of fond red juice memories from our childhood, I guess) and the name suggests nookieness – or at least, a precursor to nookieness.

Molson Mistletoe recipe

I don’t care how much your head hurts you can’t go wrong with #fuckbombs & mistletoe beer cocktails!

So will you be naughty or nice this holiday season?  Have you tried any of these?  What do you think?

Molson 67 Naughty or Nice recipe list