The Baby-Sitters Club & My Youth - StreamTeam

OMG.  Shut the front door. 

The Baby-Sitters Club is on Netflix.  We’re talking the series – the one I couldn’t watch growing up because we didn’t even own a television.

BSC Series on Netflix

I don’t think you understand.  These books?  They saved me.  And they were everywhere.  I hid them in between towels in the bathroom, inside pillow cases in my bed, under my desk at school, and even between couch cushions.


Piles, and piles, and piles of books.  

By the time I grew out of the life and times of The Baby-Sitters Club and the Stoneybrook community I’d amassed quite the collection of dog-eared paperbacks.  The series was my prized possession and followed me through my mid-twenties, only to perish in a flood.  Some parents keep Disney books for their kids – I kept my BSC collection.

The novels are an integral part of my youth that I want to share with my daughters.  Jasmine – who is 8 and attends French school – is on book 5 and she loves them as much as I did.

I was waiting for her to get through at least 15 books or so before showing her the 1995 movie, but who are we kidding?  You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be watching the 13 episodes together.  And then maybe the movie.

Cause is there anything better than sharing a slice of your youth with your kids?