What comes out of my mouth when I’m upset can sometimes be quite funny.

The funniest awful things I’ve ever told J-F?

Do not pass goPregnant with Annabelle, in pain, and needing him to (obviously) come home: Do NOT pass Go, do NOT collect 200 dollars, just GET YOUR ASS HOME!”

More recently while I had three screaming kids in our bed I called out for him to come help me.  Not realizing he had his head phones on and couldn’t hear me I tried calling his cell.  I would have gone down myself but I was kind of stuck amidst the screaming hellions kids. 

“What the fuck are you waiting for, I texted, a courier pigeon?!? I need you upstairs!”

Though in the moment I was definitely PISSED I still giggle when I think back at that text.  Thankfully J-F has a great sense of humour and also saw the comedic value in this.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever said in a fit of anger?  The funniest?  Comment below, tweet with the #letsgetreal hashtag, or tag @DomestiqueManager in your facebook share!