Lately it seems all I do is think about milk.  and cows.  and more milk.  That happy cows commercial?  What, are California cows on Prozac? What’s the secret to a happy cow?

I can’t answer that one, but the secret to a happy mom, at least these days, is finally coming home to my baby so I can nurse her.

Not because I enjoy nursing (I do!)

But because my ‘milking stations’ (as my cousin once called them) are about to EXPLODE.

I was at a tweetup tonight for Kathy Buckworth’s new book and my boobs were so hard salsa bounced off my shirt.

One woman was telling a birth story and mentioned bellowing.  Bellowing. Cows.  Milk.  Shit, my boobs hurt!

My breast pads were so full I noticed my shirt was dripping.  On the table.  Milk with that coffee? I tried to be discreet as I wiped off the table…

We took a picture and though I’m sorta smiling what I’m really thinking was Julie please don’t accidentally shove your elbow in my boob!!!!

That's me over on the left - that weird face I'm making? That's the milk face!

That’s me over on the left – that weird face I’m making? That’s the milk face!

After attacking my poor baby with a tsunami of milk I’m now left with uneven breasts and a sleeping baby.  Is it OK to wake her up so she can nurse on the other side?  Of course not!

I’m off to grab a snack (nursing moms are always hungry!) – My right boob will be entering the kitchen a full 5 minutes before the rest of my body but so long as I don’t take any sharp corners I think we’ll be fine.

Highlights from the #BossOtt tweetup

“It’s not being bossy, it’s parenting!” #somechicatthebar

“Suck it! mom bloggers”proposed book title for one who shall remain nameless

Winning a $25 Starbucks gift card, a book, a tea set for my daughter, a $25 PC gift card.  Total value of winnings $105

*** I should have bought a lottery ticket.  At the grocery store to pick up breast pads, I found out they were $6.99 instead of $12 but they scanned at the regular price.  The cashier fixed the price, then gave me one of them for free cause it scanned wrong.  I paid $7 for $25 worth of breast pads.  Also, hubby wasn’t upset that I was really late getting home! ***

Singing an early Happy Birthday to Kathy who celebrates her 39th birthday tomorrow 😉

Great conversation with awesome ‘tweeps’ and meeting new people.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my review of Kathy’s new book; until then I bid you goodnight dear internet.