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Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs!  If it’s your first time here, Domestique Manager: Finding Funny is a lifestyle humour blog where I write the shit no one else says out loud.  Keeping it real, y’all, including choice use of colourful language when appropriate.  I * do * clean up my act for sponsored content, so don’t let that stand in the way of a great working relationship!

I cover a range of topics such as parenting, wifing, and living. Blogging the funnies about everything from pregnancy (and beyond?!?) incontinence, family travels, the sh…stuff my kids get into, and being Angelina Jolie’s secret twin. Come on over and laugh with me, ’cause some days its either laugh… or cry #choosefunny.

My Uterus has been known to blog once in a while, and I have a business blog where I bring my take on all things business and finances.  I don’t tweet as much as I used to, mostly because I found many conversations have moved to Facebook.  Social networks being what they are I’m sure the tide will turn around at some point, but for the latest and greatest of my daily adventures you can follow me on the Great Book of Face.

I am an award winning accountant and Chief Creator of Genius behind Shoebox-Be-Gone , the accounting firm that speaks human. Wife to one and mother to 3 precious (and sometimes frustrating) girls, Business Owner, Blogger, Writer, Ultimate Domestic Manager #yeahright, Public Speaker, A.K.A. SuperWoman.

Need to contact me? Want to propose a fantabulous campaign or be included in my Gift Guide? Send me an email at! Best regards, Angèle

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