Let’s talk about S – E – X.  ‘Cause I’m 30 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child and to my husband’s chagrin have no desire to partake in the kind of nooky that got us here.

Ultrasound Picture of Baby-Girl at 28w4d

Funny – being so busy with kids, family, business… I sometimes almost forget that I’m pregnant.  Not that one can forget an expanding arse, a giant pumpkin-sized tummy or the oh-so-wonderful pelvic pressure of a baby who’s decided to ‘drop’ early.  Rather, it’s almost as if at times this pregnancy has gone uncelebrated, or unnoticed.

I go about my day huffing and puffing like the swollen whale I feel like I’ve become and then it happens.  Our baby girl decides she’s no longer comfortable and starts to wiggle around, kicking & poking my insides.  An old 80’s song comes on the radio and suddenly she goes nuts!  The sugar rush we share when ‘we’ get a craving for a piece of chocolate.  Or those few quiet moments during the ultrasound where she turns around and I could have sworn she just waved at me, or puckered her lips up for a kiss.

Now that’s real intimacy.  Never mind the shenanigans that got me here in the first place.  And this being my 3rd pregnancy, I wonder if I’ll ever have this feeling again.  And that makes me kind of sad.

Meanwhile I enjoy these quiet intimate moments with my wee-one and look forward meeting her pretty little self.

*** The above picture is of our 28W4D ultrasound – this really is our little baby-girl’s foot!